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Here's What Freelance Writers Struggle With The Most

(And how to fix it. PLUS How to leverage AI/ChatGPT!)

  • Problem 1: Articles aren't good enough.

    Learn how to write articles designed to get attention and earn reader engagement. These are audience-centric that people love. (AI tips included.)

  • Problem 2: Articles don't rank in Google.

    Learn how Article SEO works and how to make your pieces go viral. Also, these articles get better with age and keep sending your clients business!

  • Problem 3: Can't find good clients.

    Learn how to qualify and acquire the right clients. These clients come from numerous rich niches and they are more than happy to pay top dollar per article.

  • Problem 4: Articles fall flat on their face.

    Learn how I use several different multipliers to practically guarantee superior results and metrics the client cares about.

  • Problem 5: Your brand & services are unknown

    Learn how to build a personal brand and reputation that consistently attracts the right clients so you can stay busy.

Hi, I'm Peyton!

Want to make 6-figures from your writing this year?

Course Description: This course is for intermediate-level freelance writers who want to command $500-$1,500+ an article. In this latest version, I've added ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE / ChatGPT tactics to streamline your process and get even better results than before. 

You will learn how to get clients, write captivating articles, rank high in Google, promote articles, and develop multiple streams of writing income. I'll show you how to get into major publications and high-traffic websites. This is not a single business model or platform-specific course (like Medium.com). I teach you MANY ways to make money writing by teaching you the latest tactics and helping you build an enduring 6FFW skill stack. 

If you have tried to make money writing, but you have struggled to get paid what you're worth . . . or if you've ever wanted to own a content marketing business, then this course is for you!

In This Self-Study Course You Will Learn:

  • How to CONFIDENTLY PROMOTE your brand and communicate your value.
  • How to MAGNETICALLY ATTRACT ideal clients and repel the bad ones.
  • How to CHOOSE YOUR CLIENTS and pass on who you don't want to work with.
  • How to RAISE YOUR FEES substantially and say good-bye to word-count rates forever.
  • How to EARN MORE REFERRALS from top clients for getting superior results.
  • How to GET RESULTS that clients happily pay top dollar for.
  • How to GROW YOUR INCOME while working less than you are now.
  • How to FREE UP TIME to be with friends, family, or even travel.
  • How to LOVE WHAT YOU DO by writing remarkable articles that have long-term value.
  • How to USE ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE (like ChatGPT) to compound your production and income.

Course Lessons

  • 1

    MODULE 1 - WRITE: Welcome & How To Write Remarkable Articles

    • M1: Version 2.0 with AI In Progress!

    • M1: Welcome to the course!

    • M1: MODULE 1- GOAL & MSE

    • M1L1: The Best Business Models For Writers

    • M1L2: Lucrative Writing Niches

    • M1L3: Content Categories & Types

    • M1L4: Quality Content, E-E-A-T, & Authorship

    • M1L5: Writing An Article From A-Z

    • M1L6: Writing Long-form AI Content Fast! Full Sequence & Prompts

    • M1L7: Content Briefs & Content Templates

    • Sample Articles And Layouts

    • [Bonus] 150+ Publications & Contacts List

    • Module 1 Summary & Checklist

  • 2

    MODULE 2 - RANK: How To Rank Your Articles In Google

    • MODULE 2: GOAL & MSE

    • 30,000 Foot View Of Ranking

    • Why You Want To Rank Articles In Google

    • A Super Detailed Article SEO Checklist

    • 9 Seed Keyword Generation Resources

    • Ideal Keywords Summary And Worksheet

    • Ahrefs: Keyword Research Settings + SEO Terms

    • Where To Put Your Target Keywords

    • Free And Paid SEO Tools

    • Quick Keyword Search & Writing Tools

    • Why Google's E-E-A-T & YMYL Encourages Pillar Posts

    • AI Tools like ChatGPT and SEO

    • Easily Getting Backlinks

    • [Bonus] Ahrefs: The Content Gap

    • [Bonus] How to use KW Finder

    • [Bonus] The On-Page SEO Checklist

    • [Bonus] Why you don't need Medium to succeed

    • Module 2 Summary & Checklist

  • 3

    MODULE 3 - PITCH: How To Get Better Writing Gigs & Clients

    • MODULE 3: GOAL & MSE

    • Getting Paid & Gigs versus Clients

    • The Prospect Qualification Process + Cold Outreach (emails & Loom)

    • A Peek At My Secret Trello Workflow + Networking

    • My Process From Prospect To Onboarding

    • How To Get Experience & Great Results For The Big Bucks

    • Metrics That Matter For Clients + Your 1st Portfolio

    • Blog Type Phases, & Content Packages, & Blog Templates

    • Content Presentations & Pillar Posts

    • Hub & Spoke Content: How to set it up & sell it

    • The Opportunity Gap & How To Sell Anything

    • Handling Objections & The Logic Sandwich

    • Prospecting Case Study Breakdown

    • M3: Letter Of Introduction Template

    • Preparing To Get The Sale With Supplements

    • How To Collect Your Performance Bonus

    • Pitching Articles To Publications

    • Exactly Who & How To Pitch To Get Into Major Publications

    • Major Magazine Hack

    • Bonus: The Cold Loom Strategy To Get Your First Clients

    • Module 3 Summary & Checklist

  • 4

    MODULE 4 - PROMOTE: How To Promote Articles For Maximum Results

    • MODULE 4: GOAL & MSE

    • Pre-Traffic Ideation

    • The 6 Traffic Multipliers That Accelerate Article Success

    • Contests & Giveaways

    • Article Launch Checklist

    • Funnel Secrets

    • Writer Funnels, M.A.F.I.A., & A.L.O.E.

    • The A.L.O.E. Method: Overview Of Connecting All The Software

    • Copywriting Crash Course In 1 Image

    • Simple Landing Pages & Email Integration

    • Lead Scoring For Superior Leads

    • Duplicate Content & Cross-Posting

    • Onboarding Review & Full Campaign Walk-Through [A-Z]

    • BONUS: Onboarding Video For Clients - Done For You

    • Module 4 Summary & Checklist

  • 5

    MODULE 5 - BRAND: How To Build A Client-Attracting Personal Brand

    • MODULE 5: GOAL & MSE

    • The Money-Making Brand Audit

    • Create A WordPress Website Fast: My Money-Saving Step-By-Step Process

    • Writer Website Essentials & Features

    • Great Freelance Writer Websites

    • Packages That Excite Clients

    • Create Client-Attracting Content For More Leads

    • 5 Ways To Stick Out As A Writer & Case Study Template

    • Upleveling Your Portfolio

    • Bonus: Consolidate All Your Email

    • Module 5 Summary & Checklist

  • 6

    MODULE 6 - SCALE: How To Scale With Tech, Admin, Processes, & Systems

    • MODULE 6: GOAL & MSE

    • Business Model(s) For Word Moguls

    • Multiple Streams Of Revenue

    • Dollarizing Tasks

    • Business Systems & SOPs

    • Scaling With AI (ChatGPT), Teams, & Experts

    • Smart Outsourcing To Scale Your Empire

    • Keeping Your Team Accountable

    • Great Onboarding Experiences For New Talent

    • My Tech Stack Walk-Through

    • Forming Your Business & Handling Taxes

    • Module 6 Summary & Checklist

    • Congrats! You finished. Here's what's next.

    • Quick & Fun 6FFW Survey

  • 7

    Resources & More Bonuses

    • Resources & FAQs

    • Medium.com Resources & Rules

    • Bonus #1a: Facebook Ads Walk-Through

    • Bonus #1b: How To Label FB Campaigns

    • Facebook Ads Quiz

    • Bonus 2: Writing Contract and Billing Walk-Through

    • Bonus #3: 150+ Guest Post Contacts

    • Client Landing Page Example

    • Continuing Education

9 Hours of Video

Learn a priceless skill set!

Private clients have paid $1K - $2K for the information taught in each module. Now you can get it all digitally for one low price. And this isn't just a PowerPoint presentation and faceless voice-over. I guide you through exactly what you need to know, picture-in-picture in 1080p high-definition video. You'll also get helpful worksheets, lesson summaries, and checklists. There is nothing like this out there. And though I give a ton of basic content away for free elsewhere, there are many detailed items in this course the public will never see. My goal is to teach you the most important information in the shortest time possible. From day one, you'll be learning a real money-making skill set—not theory!
6FFW Course Assets

$1,000 In Bonuses For FREE!

  • Bonus #1: Complete SEO Checklist [$700 Value]

    Get 7 years of SEO intelligence distilled to a simple spreadsheet checklist that you can use to improve your website traffic as well as your clients!

  • Bonus 2: My Contract & Billing Video [$200 Value]

    Use my lawyer-drafted contract that protects your business and helps you maximize your revenue. Ready to customize for your business!

  • Bonus 3: 150+ Guest Blogging Contacts [$100 Value]

    Get a huge list of exactly who to contact, their email, how to pitch them, website page views, monthly traffic, and domain authority!

Bonus #4: Onboarding Video & Setup Doc

Done-For-You Client Video [$100 Value]

Client onboarding can be tricky. I created a quick unbranded onboarding video and visual 30-page PDF that shows clients exactly what to do. This includes copy/paste scripts for their article launch.

What People Are Saying

Real People, Real Results

Nuno Fabiao

Top Medium Writer, Athlete, Investor

"Peyton’s online course is outstanding! It is an eye-opener and a good investment."

Mehdi Jouay

ESL Teacher & Entrepreneur

"I've taken many courses in my life; this one beats them all. As soon as I started the course, I got my confidence back. The course more than delivers on its promises. It walks you through everything you'll ever need to make 5,6, or 7 figures as a freelance writer. No need to go anywhere else."

James Garside

Professional Journalist

"6FFW is a premium course. The content is impressive and delivers on what it promises." [http://bit.ly/3dMWJBJ]

Jessica Brown

Runner, Writer, Teacher

"Peyton's course was excellent! I doubled my income and streamlined my business. Highly recommended."

Alicia P.

Author, Business Coach, Copywriter

"Where have you been my whole (writing) life! The course is even better than I thought it would be."

Alliyah V.

Professional Blogger

"I used to write for content mills. Never again! Now I'm making $2K an article. I love this training by Peyton!"

Zulie Rane

Top Writer In Medium

"I can safely conclude that if you love writing, and are willing to do the work, you can make $1,500 per post." [REVIEW from only 3 crash-course coaching sessions: https://bit.ly/31zs83B ]

Holly Hartley

Educationalist, Executive Coach, & CEO of RediscoveryOfMe.com

"Peyton’s 6-Figure Freelance Writer course is incredible. He has enabled me to explore writing as a business in ways that I did not know were possible. Unlike many course creators, Peyton’s personal support has been incredible and above and beyond what I expected. The content is rich, detailed and fascinating. I have already seen a return on my investment which is way beyond what I paid for the course. Integrity, honesty and passion are really important to me and they are often hard to find in an online world.   I would strongly recommend it to anyone looking to develop as both a writer and business owner with integrity."  

Claire B.

Mother, Writer, Activist

"You don't need to be a pro or a grad to make $8K/month writing. Game-changing tactics no one else is teaching!"

Mike L.

Freelance Writer & Novelist

"I get paid well for writing about things I like. This afforded me to explore avenues of writing that I love."

30 days from now you could be working less, but making more, so you can enjoy life.

Get an extra $1,100 in valuable bonuses for free. Limited-time offer.24/7 Access & Money-Back Guarantee.

My Mission

I'm on a mission to disrupt the freelance writer industry by showing people how their results-driven content is worth a premium. I lead a legion of Word Moguls who consistently make a nice income doing valuable work for remarkable brands in the $655B content marketing industry.

Get Clients REAL Results

Don't just write articles, get traffic!

Take the master course to learn easy SEO and how to write remarkable content. I'll teach you exactly how to get clients traffic that is 100% attributed to your work. That traffic can be worth tens of thousands and even millions of dollars!
30 day traffic from Peyton's SEO

Get paid without sales or clients

No clients, no problem!

I show how to make money on various platforms or your own site using features like affiliates. No bosses, no clients, and no set schedule. You can also make money doing basic magazine work. I show who to pitch and how to pitch effectively.

Make $500 - 1,500+ Per Article

Get paid before you start!

I show writers how to charge around $1K per article, and how some make over $3,000 per piece. Some part-time writers earn a full-time income writing only a few articles a month!

Learn how to get your clients incredible results!

I teach you the exact techniques I've used to get my clients thousands of article views, 100's of email opt-ins, and 100's of high-ticket sales from a single article.

1,739 Purchase Page Clicks = $52,000 In Client Revenue

Write mid and bottom-funnel content for landing pages that convert at 3% for targeted prospects. [client-verified] We'll track everything with private campaigns and free tracking software to verify attribution.

2,227 Direct Clicks To Top-of-Funnel Content

Get professional service companies organic traffic that gets opt-ins.

3,190 Direct Clicks In 1 Month

Get high-quality traffic to a specific client page from your content.

2,342 Clicks To App Download Page In 2 Weeks

Get tech companies results that convert to installs, upgrades, and revenue.

Get Your Clients On Page #1 Of Google!

Learn how to get your clients on the the first page of Google for semi-competitive keywords, competitive keywords, and the Featured Snippet!

Rank content using high-traffic websites or the client's site. These first-page rankings hold for years and keep sending your client traffic. Clients earn their Return On Article Spend (ROAS) within days or weeks!

More Real Students & Results

What are you waiting for?

Made my money back in 2 months


The first month, I made $2,500 from writing. Recently, I was paid $1,000 for one article. I get $500 for short pieces now. I cold pitch 10 prospects, and 1 will reach out to me: not bad! Out of 30 or so, I'll get a deal. Three more monthly retainers and I'll be able to quit my job.

The course works


Peyton, you’ve created an incredible resource that has changed my thinking about how to present myself and my services. There’s a lot to master here but for bright, determined writers it’s a doable mix of time-honored digital marketing techniques applied to writing strategically (and well). Many thanks for creating this program. It is the opposite of the many hollow, heavy-on-the-hype courses out there. This one delivers a framework for six figure writing income that I’m certain will produce exactly that. 5 stars. Two thumbs up. Etc. And mostly, thank you.

Do Your Clients Rave About You?

Earn great testimonials & referrals!

I've never had to advertise my services, and I really feel lucky to say that. The truth is, I've managed to create a great portfolio based on remarkable RESULTS. When you do that, the clients start coming to you. Find out how I get to choose who I work with and how to keep the client work coming.


  • What about ChatGPT or AI tools: Do you talk about those?

    Yes! This course has been updated and it includes information on how to use AI as your Personal Digital Assistant so you can get projects done much faster.

  • Can I make payments?

    You can apply to make 4 payments, or apply for the PayPal Credit. The former is a split-payment plan. The latter is a 6 month interest-free loan. You will have to pay back this loan. Both are dependent on your credit score. Besides paying outright, with a credit card or a regular PayPal account, these are the only ways to pay. Apply for 4 Installments Here. | Apply for PayPal Credit Here.

  • How long does this course take?

    There are many lessons, about 10 hours of video, and several assignments. Each lesson and video is like mini-masterclass on one topic. You learn what you need to know to get actual results. It should take 4-8 weeks to complete the course depending on the student and their availability. If done as a cohort, it is meant to be completed in about 6 weeks. It is a self-paced course, so you can do it on your own time.

  • Can I start as a beginner?

    Yes. This course is for beginner to intermediate freelance writers. However, I don't teach the basics of writing. This is for people who can easily write 500+ word articles, who have good grammar, and who enjoy writing. Also, if you have ever taken a writing course in high school or college and received a good grade, this would be an easy transition--even if you're brand new to freelance writing.

  • Is this for fiction writers too?

    No. This is for mainly for business writers or creative non-fiction types. We work with businesses who want more traffic.

  • Do you teach only one business model?

    No. The main model I teach is the B2B content service model. But I also teach several other ways to make money with your writing. With some models, you don't even need clients. I reveal how to make money from numerous streams of writing income with the agency model or by one stream with solopreneur models.

  • Is this a Medium.com Course?

    No, it is not. I've used Medium in the past, but for established companies, it's best to use their site to improve their Domain Authority. Occasionally, it's great to publish on other sites like Medium, but I do so sparingly now. I show you exactly how to do this in the course.

  • How long will it take to make a profit?

    That depends on how long it will take you to finish the course and get a single client. I've seen it take two weeks to a few months. It's 100% up to you to apply the lessons. You can make a profit AND your investment back in this course with only ONE client [$1,000+]. I teach countless ways to get good clients.

  • Is there a money-back guarantee?

    Certainly! This course (6FFW) offers a 100% Action-Taker's Money Back Guarantee. This is a proven system to generate money freelance writing. If you feel it's not the right fit, submit your completed coursework by the second week of the program for a refund (minus 3rd-party processing fees). You must comply to all of the following: 1) request a refund by email by the student who has purchased the course less than 14 days prior. 2) Refunds only granted when the student viewed less than 20% of the course. Whether or not you click on the lesson "Complete & Continue" button, makes no difference. The rule applies once you access 20% of the lessons in the course, whether or not you view the videos. 3) In addition, as proof of trying it out, you must send in your 100% completed homework for all the lessons viewed. The homework takes most students about 1-2 hours a week. This system absolutely works so we want to see you give it an honest try. Absolutely NO exceptions to these requirements.

Notice of Transparency

This is not a get-rich scheme: This proven program requires hard work.

VALUE STATEMENT: There tons of original material and several bonuses in this course. Private clients who did not want to take a course and preferred personal coaching have paid thousands for my advice. I think the course is vastly UNDERPRICED despite the copywriting and promotional style depicted here. The income potential is real. All the income statements and testimonials are verifiable. That said, you still have to work hard at making money and actually apply my teachings. Prices subject to change without notice. GUARANTEE: The course has a 14-day Action-Takers money back guarantee. See FAQ for details.
[arlie] PEYTON

Your Instructor: Peyton

Hello, fellow writers! My name is Arlie PEYTON. I usually go by just my last name. I'm a brand journalist for SaaS and eCommerce brands. My writing has appeared in major publications for global clients. Prior to being a writer, I was the state representative for vocational education in Oregon. I have taught countless college writing courses, and won various teaching awards. My greatest joy is to work with people who are entrepreneurial, creative, and driven.
image of Arlie Peyton